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Dr. Luciano De Gatica

Luciano de Gatica graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), Argentina in 2005 and specialised in general and orthopaedic surgery. He gained extensive experience in the field working as a surgeon in different clinics in Buenos Aires City. His special interest and expertise in orthopaedic surgery has led to the creation of AguaraVet (Veterinary Surgical Referral Center) where he was the Clinic Manager. This center receives referrals from several veterinary hospitals. He was a professor of the Surgery Service at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (UNLP), where for ten years he transmitted not only state-of-the-art surgical techniques but also his passion to his students. Currently living in Dubai most of the year, Dr Luciano de Gatica works as a veterinary surgeon at the clinic “Star Veterinary Clinic” and divides his time between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Our instalations

We pride ourselves on offering high quality medical facilities with cutting-edge monitoring, diagnosis and treatment equipments.



Digital fixed and movable equipment, providing high definition images in an instant.


State-of-the-art dental unit with low and high-speed handpieces, 3-way air/water/spray push-buttosyringe; ultrasonic scaler.


Always available to define a more accurate diagnosis or decide on a treatment.



In-house laboratory

We count with the necessary equipment to rapidly assess samples and get immediate results; laboratory biochemistry pre-profile (pre-surgery), hemograms, biochemistry, urine tests.

Infusion pumps

Allowing a correct and controlled infusion therapy.


Separate wards for dogs and cats, providing our patients with more comfort and the best possible care.